Our Customers’ have very kind hearts!

We are happy to announce that Glendale Auto Parts and Auto Wrecking is matching our self-serve customer’s entry fees of $1,567.89 for St. Mary’s Food Bank for a total donation being given of $3135.78.  This was started at the end July with an heartfelt idea from our Assistant Manager, Junior Garcia, to collect our self-serve customer’s entry fees and donate them to St. Mary’s Food Bank.  We said we would do even better than that and match the amount collected to donate for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We placed two plastic jugs on our sales counter and posted a sign that all entry fees collected would be matched and donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank.  The response from our customers was amazing.  Several customers emptied there wallets, many put the change back from their purchases and one individual told us a story how St. Mary’s had helped him many years earlier and was extremely grateful.  He was one that emptied his wallet!  We wanted to help those that needed assistance this holiday season.
Even though the dollar amount we have collected surprised us, we know that there is even a bigger need during the holiday seasons.  We can only hope that our donation might inspire others to help, when or where they can, as well.
Attached is a copy of our check for $3135.78.  Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!!!
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