A new study released in November, 2017 found that lead batteries have a recycling rate of 99.3 percent, making them the number one recycled consumer product in the U.S.  The near-perfect rate of recycling is attributed to industry investment in a state-of-the-art closed-loop collection and recycling system that keeps 1.7 million tons of batteries out of landfills annually.

This article was published in the American Recycler January 2018.  The National Recycling Rate Study released by Essential Energy Everyday and Battery Council International (BCI), demonstrates the sustainability of lead batteries and their role in environmentally-friendly energy storage for automotive and industrial applications.

Glendale Auto Parts is a proud recycler of batteries and the whole vehicle.  After all, when a vehicle is in an accident it is then salvaged by the insurance companies which means it can no longer drive on the streets.  Glendale Auto Parts purchases these vehicles to be donors to keep other vehicles on the road.  When you purchase automotive parts from us, you are helping to keep the earth clean.  Thank you!

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